SQLA Inc., Square Los Angeles Inc., is an international Landscape Architecture, Site Planning and Urban Design firm dedicated to the art and craft of creating engaging environments with lasting presence for living, work and play.

Established by Samuel K. Kim in 1996, SQLA Inc. provides a full range of landscape architectural design services including site planning, urban design, site-specific design, construction documents, design/build, and construction administration and observation. Under Samuel’s leadership, the studio has employed inventive and creative design solutions to projects at a wide range of scales from large multi-family residential communities, to universities, commercial centers, intimate residential gardens, and meticulously crafted sculptural works.

Whether real, abstracted or virtual, we believe with a passion that nature is essential for healthy, resilient human environments. We design richly layered landscapes that are infused with natural, cultural and healing elements that foster social sustainability and enrich the spirit.


We are a process driven studio. Through creative explorations, we seek hands-on knowledge of the physical and psychological qualities of the raw materials of our trade through the process of designing and constructing sculptural works. Through these studies, we gain not only profound material intimacy, but also the technical skills to understand how elements of the earth and man-made raw materials may be layered, abstracted, assembled, or fabricated to produce artful and meaningful outcomes. This strong understanding of materiality and build ‘know how’ gives us an edge from conceptualization through realization, and forms the backbone for our design/build and construction services; which in turn, informs insightful knowledge in the design process.

We approach design as the art and craft of sculpting space. Be it communal gathering space, a private outdoor room or a garden sanctuary, we use the raw materials of nature—plants, water, rock, gravel and wood—to define and create spaces that influence our emotions, thoughts and realities, intensifying and enriching our experience of a place.

We design with life, creating spaces where life happens. Whether space for joyful celebration, contemplation, immersion, or play, we embrace the process of becoming and invite the heavens to transform them into places that continuously engage our senses, and ultimately, fill our spirits with that ineffable sense of being...


•West Los Angeles City College Pedestrian Promenade published in ‘Street Furniture’ by Braun, 2010.

•Oceanaire Towers and Khajavi Residence published in ‘1000 x Landscape Architecture’ by BRAUN, 2009.

•International Design Competition, Sea Colony at Hae Un Dae, Busan, Korea. Landscape design consultant to GDS Architects, First place and Award of Contract 2006.

•Container Gardens, ' Landscape Architecture', Riprap by Heather Hammattt, February 2001.

•Kyo Won Training Center, Asan, Korea; Korean Architecture Culture Grand Presidential Award 2000. It was also published in 'Architecture Culture', September 2000.

•Wilshire Center Streetscape, 'Arbor Day Award’ from National Arbor day Foundation. 'Lady Bird Johnson Award' 1999.

•In-Chon Song Hyun Regional Park Competition, in In-Chon, Korea. First place and award of contract in May, 1996.

•Keeper Gate, 'Progressive Architecture', News Projects, November 1995. ( Zuma Beach Entry was designed by Samuel Kim @ Gruen Associates.

•Urban Designer for the Westwood Streetscape Plan, winner of the 1993 APA Planning Implementation Award. This streetscape is a major element of the revitalization of Westwood Village in the City of Los Angeles. (Samuel Kim was the Urban Designer for Westwood Streetscape Plan @ Gruen Associates)

•Competition Landscape Designer for Centerpointe Apartments and Recreational Facility, winner of the 1991, Gold Nugget Grand Award.

•Malibu Spaces, ' Architectural Digest', Irene Boger, May 1990.

•DAVIS Competition ‘Landscape Architecture’, Jory Johnson, January 1989. UC Davis Arboretum Hydrozone Garden, an award-winner in the 1988 University Arboretum Davis Arts competition .


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